About JTECS -Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society (JTECS)-

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude for the guidance and support the people and organizations concerned have shown us.

Our organization, Japan Thailand Economic Cooperation Society (i.e., JTECS), was established in 1972, with the aim to support the development of economic and social welfare of Thailand and promote friendship between the two countries, through projects in relation to technology transfer and human resource development in industry.

Technology Promotion Association (i.e., TPA), our counterpart in Bangkok, Thailand, started in 1973 by Thai returnees who experienced studying or training in Japan. TPA has contributed extensively to human resource development in industry through implementing projects concerning various trainings, services, language education, and publishing books.

We have continued to give support to and cooperate with TPA, thus to contribute to the human resources development for industries of Thailand and neighboring countries, as well as to the preservation and promotion of friendship among these countries. Our effort remained unchanged even after our organization switched to a general incorporated association on April 1, 2014, in line with the reform of the public interest corporation system in Japan.

Also, we have consistently provided extra support and cooperation to Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (i.e., TNI), established in 2007 by TPA under the slogan, gTo provide education to practice MONOZUKURI (Japanese style of manufacturing) in Thailandh, from the initial period of preparation, including the preliminary survey for the construction of TNI. It is currently supporting talented young people of Thailand, who will be building the future of the country.

TNI implements its education focused on practicing MONOZUKURI. Students study thoughts and technology of Japanese traditional style of manufacturing, the latest set of skills in the modern technology, Japanese production management, and Japanese corporate culture.

TNI also aims to upgrade communication skills of each student to world-class level through many kinds of educational programs including industry-academia collaboration, internships domestic and international, and requirements in Japanese and English, in order to meet the needs of Japanfs manufacturing and service industries, and Thailandfs human resources.

With the inauguration of ASEAN Economic Community, TPA and TNI have launched, with an all-out effort, exchange programs and cooperation & support projects directed to the development of industry and human resources of neighboring countries of Thailand. Based on the unanimous agreement of our 3 organizations of TPA, TNI, and JTECS, we pledge to continue with these programs and projects to fulfill our responsibilities.

In order to make JTECS more powerful and more active for further contribution to the regional development, your support will be indispensable for us. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Takeshi Uchiyamada
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